Ekart Tracking - Unofficial

Ekart Tracking to Track Flipkart Orders and Ekart Shipment Status Online

Online Ekart shipment tracking tool to track your Flipkart orders and other shipments or courier that are shipped via Ekart Logistics. Your can simply track your shipments using your Ekart Shipment tracking number. In case of Flipkart shipments your can find your shipment trackijng number in orders section of your Flipkart account.

Please note that this is NOT an OFFICIAL website of Ekart Logistics or Flipkart. And we are not associated to them in any manner. This is an independent web application to easily track your shipments sent via Ekart Logistics and your Flipkart Orders. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Official website of Ekart Logistics : www.ekartlogistics.com

How to track your Ekart Shipments here?

You can follow simple steps as mentioned below to track your Ekart shipemnt status using the above tool

  1. Enter your Ekart shipment tracking number or Flipkart order's shipment tracking number.
  2. And then click on Track Status button to track the current location and delivery status.

If available with the system you will see the status in the new window.